Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lucifer Tv Show

 I have loved this present to see since day one, and an avid fan of all three of the prior season before Fox stupidly cancelled it, which actually was a gratuity. I was one of the fans that worked in the chirp campaign to help keep the present to see,laboring along with the producers, writers, send, crew and fans from around the world, with the hashtag #SaveLucifer construction recital, as Netflix was more than yearning to accord confer this present to see a fabricated new abode. So now this order is even better, the new Season 4 just released May 8 2019 is so much more, despite only 10 episodes, they are packed with spontaneous process, dramatic composition,it is bolder, yet the moisture in the present to see is still there, it is definitely the best season yet. For new viewers of lucifer, do attention the first 3 seasons before the new one, as the characters recital is of importance to this history. I am just finishing doing a binge attention for the third duration and it just never gets old. Cash of a present to see, herculean actors, advantageous compact hand, herculean set designs, a little cold melody throughout, and even a little nakedness. What more can you want. Netflix, we need a season 5,6,7 and on. 2019 Update: After yet another fan campaign and advantageous reviews for season 4 on Netflix, we got season 5, although it will be the last and we really wanted 6 seasons, But then Netflix listened, and gave the present to see twice the episodes for season 5, another win. Can't wait, the writers keep tweeting us the episode titles and have promised the best season yet.

Update for Season 5.1 released Aug 21: AWESOME. One of the best seasons yet. We get some answers, some closure on some things (care this spoiler at liberty for you), many of our dear characters go through unlooked for changes, and a new bad guys appears in a well versed external part. Best performance ever from this bewildering send. Lots of laughable moments too. The second half of season 5 is almost perfect and will be on Netflix later, and we are also getting a Season 6 in the subsequent duration. Just an bewildering present to see, brought back to life by bewildering fans, writers, producers, actors and thanks to Netflix.

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